SOL Communications Inc. is a 501c3 NGO dedicated to environmental and social projects that bring together people of many ethnicities and backgrounds. SOL has successfully supported indigenous populations, homeless advancement projects, environmental preservation, and a variety of multi-media projects designed to bring awareness to human and environmental crisis.

WHO we are

ILFA Association/projects Love For All
Visit our sister organization, based out of Japan, but spreading to countries all over the Earth. Visit their projects page.

Trinidad Tree Sit!/trinidad.treesitters

SOL joined EarthFirst! and other local Arcata/Eureka environmentalists and traditional Yurok Natives in their struggle to prevent the clearcutting of one of California's last unbroken Redwood Rainforests, currently "owned" by Green Diamond Timber. Green Diamond has nearly 1/2 million acres of coastal forest assetts that they intend to clearcut in the next 10 years. They have stated publically that any tree over 50 years old is to be cut. We at SOL, join the scientists and evironmentalists all over the world who recognize studies that show that the Redwood is three times more efficient at carbon sequestration and storage than any other forest on Earth. The tree sitters in Trinidad (Tsurai is the Yurok name) are courageous and selfless as they maintain their constant occupation of this forest that is about 1200 acres. The sit is over two years old and scheduled to be cut down this spring (2014).    

SOL's participation began with updating the sit's communications possibilities. The sit now has internet and live streaming video as well as telephone and text communications and email. The Communication station, atop "Misty", is referred to as "Redwood1 and the number is 530 999-8177. We are in the process of expanding our communications to worldwide shortwave and local alert abilities. SOL is the primary contact for non-direct action 501c3 tax status for support operations not involving direct action. SOL is also one of the sponsors of non-violent direct action training and tree sitter indoctrination.

See the SOL produced PSA for this project:
              Tree Sit
Tree Sitter Traverse Over Yurok Forest
Trinidad Tree
Clearcuts in Tsurai

Black Mesa Archeological Project

In the late 1970’s, archaeologist George J. Gumerman initiated a permit to excavate the area now known as the Black Mesa and Kayenta Mines. Nothing but a filed permit, allowed a team to set up a field office and begin excavation of more than 1.3 million artifacts. Somehow, Peabody was allowed to transport and store these items at Southern Illinois University and University of Las Vegas, NV. Peabody claims that they are willing to return the remains and non-NAGPRA items with permission of the Tribes.

Promised for return, 20 years later, they still are held in curation, off the reservation. Since the 1970’s the property was scheduled for return, as it was allowed for study in communities outside of Black Mesa. Activists are gathering access to the historic documents and finding no evidence that residents were ever notified of the removal, the type of property being found, nor the transport to curation to the Energy Mogel’s art collections in patron cities.

The resident’s are still mired in a process that is not notifying them of the status and existence of this collection of ancient ancestors. The THPO’s office, is not conducting public notification hearings. The focus of the goals of our project is to apply increasing pressure and to lend exposure to Peabody’s purported reclamation phase until the return of the excavated property of the Navajo at Black Mesa.

Escuela Garifuna Multilingue

SOL Communications is the 501c3 (not-for-profit) fiscal sponsor for Escuela Garifuna Multilingue. Escuela Garifuna Multilingue is a grass roots group of citizens in Livingston, Guatemala who created (in 2009) an after school learning environment to prevent at-risk Black Carib youth from dropping out of school before the 6th grade and preserve the Garifuna language and culture, leading to a healthier community. Escuela Garifuna Multilingue preserves the culture through music, dance and basic literacy in the Garfuna language.

The physical address of Escuela Garifuna Multilingue’s main United States office is:
Escuela Garifuna Multilingue, Playa de la Cruz, Barrio Wamilito, Livingston, Izabel, Guatemala

The mailing address is Box 66264, Scotts Valley, CA. 95067
Telephone US is 831 588 9438
Telephone Guatemala is 011 502 4291 6892

The primary contact person is Eva Moore and her email is

Principal Officers of the organization are: Celso Alfredo and Nery Rufino
Escuela Garifuna Multillingue

The Battle Creek Alliance

Battle Creek Alliance (BCA) works to protect California watersheds, forests, and wildlife, particularly from clearcutting and salvage logging. Both of these destructive practices have negative impacts on those, and many other, crucial life support systems. BCA focuses on the Battle Creek watershed in the foothills of Mt. Lassen as an example of the destruction that is occurring throughout the forested mountains of California.

The BCA Citizen's Water Monitoring Project has been collecting water quality data since 2009. This long-term project has collected thousands of samples to document the differences between the overcut areas and the less disturbed areas. This data has been used for a research paper. As far as is known, their data collection is the only consistent, long-term project in the watersheds of the Sierra and Cascade mountain ranges.

BCA has produced an educational documentary "Clearcut Nation" which may be viewed here:  This film  outlines the reality of the watershed and statewide practices, which is quite different from what the timber industry and
regulatory agencies portray.

BCA is involved in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation in collaboration with other organizations. BCA is currently expanding more into this area.

BCA researches best-available-science constantly. Much of this science may be found on their website. Marily Woodhouse is the Director/Project Manager: Marily Woohouse (email)




Sierra Forest / Grand Sierra Forest GIS Satellite Imagery

In January and February of 2011 we created the first ever current GIS satellite composite of the entire range of the sierras, exposing many thousands of deforested clearcuts over a 264 mile area. SOL brought onboard a Licensed GIS consultant, Marissa Fierro and purchased (a Tech Soup/ARIS donation) GIS software. We have produced an industrial strength 35 foot tall version of this for educational purposes. Other sizes as well as specific areas within the composite are being produced for other NGO's seeking to protect California forests. A full and interactive version of the GIS 2010 Sierras map can be found all three of our educational web sites. Contact this link to acquire maps, portions (like a county for instance) of the map or other questions or proposals. Our GIS brochure is here, with services we offer and further contact information.

Our first prototype GIS image was displayed at the California Air Resources Board vote in December (greenhouse gas cap and trade). Although dozens of presenters were participating, ONLY our map was picked up and published by mainstream news. UPI and AP distributed the picture of our map with one of our volunteers holding it, all over the world, including the Yahoo world-news daily slide show and many foreign news services.

sierra forest
Stop Clearcutting California is an educational library of scientific data, research and boatloads of media material. Satellite imagery of California clearcutting is maintained here, along with a video production library that includeshours of video footage of scientists, professors and clearcutting operations (both on the ground and aerial photography) that assist other organizations and producers of documentaries, television and internet media (our aerial footage of clearcutting is widely used). SCCC pioneered today's Sierra forest satellite imagery by displaying satellite images of all California forest counties. Attached to this website is a graphics library with printable posters and public service advertisements. Webmaster

No Trees 4 Gas

Like This?

Clearcutting Shasta

We Must End Clearcutting

This is SOL's first clearcutting website. This website also has an extensive video library.

Small World Radio

SOL is co-producing the Small World Radio project, a one hour show that blends world music with activism and world events. Small World Radio is available to any station, free of cost. Contact here for more information.

We are now in our 3rd year with over 110 shows. We air on KKRN 88.5 in Redding and Freak Radio 101.3 in Santa Cruz, and stream world-wide online.
swr seed

Shasta Regional Seed Cooperative

In 2004 Dr. Jim Collins began teaching seed-saving in the community where SOL house is. The group's goal was to create a regional seed bank of heirloom seeds to protect future generations against the threat of GMO seed and the destructive forces of Monsanto's "Terminator" technology, threatening to kill plant life in the wild. The cooperative is humbly sewn amongst farmers in the region who annually share and expand the project. Since Monsanto often sues farmers who keep their own seed, the names and locations of cooperative members are not publicized and the cooperatives original web site removed.

There is a 5 hour video course of the 2004 schooling.

The Blue Corn Project!/groups/648121905207815/

During the 90s SOL travled many times to Hotevilla in Hopi .
This Blue Corn is originally from Grandfather James Kootz, third Mesa, from a field below Hotevilla some distance. Grandfather James was part of the Hopi Elders known about around the world...Thomas Banyaca, Dan Evehema, David Monongy, Grandmother Carolyn, Kechongva....

They are all gone now, like thier Elders, and thiers. Thier ideas along with this seed Live on.
This corn was passed on to me from Grandfather JAme's son Dennis who sent me off with the words " someday you may need to bring it back because we may lose it" We were much younger then and monsanto was just starting to be understood for who they are.

This is a dry farmed corn that will perform like no other..this feels like a totem strain. Spiritually powerful. Try to isolate and grow 100 or more for sufficient biodiversity. Stagger by several weeks with other corn varieties to avoid pollination.if possible return a little. Contact me if u are in the northern ca or southern or area.

This particular crop is the result of the hard work of Joe Covington and Craig Keyes who grew a bucket of seed into a gift...
the blue
              corn project


GeoEngineering Watch!

Scientists and many NATO governments are calling for the artificial modification of Earth's climate systems because of global warming. This means weather modification on a world-wide scale that scientists say could leave over 2 billion people without food due to draughts and other severe climate patterns being created to support 1st world nation food production. The chief proposal is SRM, basically a nano-metal spray in the atmosphere (which of course falls to Earth) to reflect sunlight, thereby cooling the planet. Citizens all over the world are concerned that these weather modification are ALREADY engaged in secret experimentation. This project tracts and publishes all news relating to both ongoing weather modification programs as well as reports from scientists and government bodies designing geoengineering programs. 

Although created at SOL: SOL is no longer the the umbrealla for this website and related public relations activities. Administration is now under the care of the current contacts on the website.

The U'wa Defense Project

Terence Freitas was working on the Big Mountain project when he was introduced to U'wa (Colombia) leader Roberto Cobaria. A peaceful indigenous community of some 5,000 people, the U'wa live in the remote Andean cloud forests of northeastern Colombia, along the border with Venezuela. The U'wa hold that the Earth is their Mother and oil her blood. In 1998, Occidental Petroleum (OXY) was preparing to drill on pristine U'wa rainforest and the small tribe of about 5,000 were threatening to commit mass suicide (they had committed mass suicide when the spanish tried to enslave them) if OXY's drill bit cut into their Mother Earth. Terry, without a second thought, created the U'wa's Defense Project and began fighting with everything he had to bring the world's attention to this insane scenario. Terry's very first donation came thru SOL, from Vanguard, and led to his expedition to Colombia with Indigenous leadersLahe'ene Gay, and Ingrid Washinawatok to form a school system that would allow the U'was more communication with the outside world (to help navigate their survival). ALL THREE activist leaders were murdered by the FARC after being kidnapped and dragged around the jungle for over a week.

Attorney General Ashcroft indicted six FARC guerrillas for the murders. The Freitas family issued a statement in opposition to more military aid to Colombia. Our deepest sorrow and gratitude shall forever live in the absence of their monumental lives.

Terry Freitas

U'wa leader Robert Cobaria and founder of the U'wa Defense Project the late Terence Freitas protest Oxy oil development in Los Angeles. October 1997 (Photo by Dang Ngo courtesy Footage Peace Initiative)



For six years SOL Communications led an international effort to supply traditional native Dine' (Navajo) and Hopi families that were (and many still are) resisting relocation from ancestral grounds to contaminated and other unwanted regions. The location primarily was over coal. During those years (1994, prior to becoming a 501[97], until 2000) SOL made over 70 caravan "runs" from Los Angeles to the four corners region (AR, NM, CO, UT) to deliver hundreds of thousands of pounds of humanitarian supplies to the resisting families as well as Hopi elders in need. SOL also documented and filmed evidence and testimony of human rights and environmental abuse, culminating in the documentary Vanishing Prayer (Partially funded by actress Lindsay Wagner). Many local churches, ARIA and other non-profits donated food and other supplies to our caravans.

SOL's documentation led to what became known as the UN SUMMIT, when human rights officials from Geneva flew into the resisting territory and heard testimony. This event was organized and executed by SOL Communications in February 1998, during a brutal snow storm. Over 200 Dine' and Hopi attended, an overwhelming moment for the UN and support teams.
SOL also teamed up with Action Resource Center (ARC) to bring officials from Southern California Edison to the Native American miners and families to witness first hand the terrible conditions the strip mining has caused upon the people. The mine had literally swallowed and encompassed homesite's. The meeting was temporarily halted to allow Edison officials time to regather their emotions after visiting homes where children were suffering terrible respitory illness resembling black lung. In a major statement for eyes that could see, the edison officials led the power company to immediately cease ALL coal sources for Los Angles power. We are currently unaware if that circumstance still exists. The power company also sold the primary destroyer of Hopi and Navajo aquifer water, the Mojave Generating Station, in Laughlin Nevada. A 240 mile coal slurry line had decimated the aquifer. BOTH those actions can be directly attributed to our work.

SOL also spent considerable time locating uranium contamination in and around both Navajo and Hopi reservations. We also assisted in the security for Elder travel as well as arranged travel, housing and events for Elders in the LA area. These events included humanitarian award ceremonies (The House of Blues in West Hollywood), protests at Southern California Edison, Spiritual ceremonies and many occasions where events allowed the selling of Native craft such as the beautiful Dine' / Navajo rugs, which were often entrusted in our care. For enhanced security, SOL worked hand in hand with the American Indian Movement, LA chapter and the Native American security force known as the Harmony Keepers.

It is impossible to list the accomplishments of SOL during this time. Many, private and highly secure operations took place in which Native Elders entrusted SOL with specific tasks. SOL moved hundreds of vehicles and personnel during those caravans and never lost a vehicle or had a person injured.

The Flamingo Occupation

In 1994 during the El Nino State of Emergency in California, SOL supported activists who had taken over an abandoned Santa Monica Flamingo Motel in a 7 day occupation to house homeless in distress, with food, equipment and media support.

In the early morning SWAT Team raid, Santa Monica Chief of Police, and attorney's from RAND and Playa Vista were on site to supervise the removal of the activists while SOL documented.


Notable Benefits and Fund Raisers Produced by SOL

PETA Benefit with Iron Butterfly at the ROXY (1997)

Earth Water Air LA the first annual Earth Day march for preserving native San Gabrieleno lands. SOL produced the benefit concert at the Ash Grove in Santa Monica (1997).

Benefit for Paul Sky Horse, Native American activist and well known member of the American Indian Movement, after he was arrested on charges stemming from the transportation of the Native American Church sacrament known as peyote. Charges were dropped after NAC Elders verified the authenticity of Sky Horse's church documentation. SOL also worked closely with KPFK in Los Angeles in getting Sky Horse's (in custody) statements on the station's newscast.

Prayer Ceremony for Sea Shepherd captain Paul Watson and Actor Martin Sheen, who had been arrested in Norway. We partnered with Paul Watson's second wife, playmate Lisa DiStefano and held the ceremony at Earth Trust (now known as EarthWays) in Malibu, California (1995)